fighters for justice

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Lightning Cats are a team of superhero antrophomorphic cats - Catherine, Didi and Kittie, fighting for the safety of all the cats in their country! This blog is where I gather all the content and everything I have about them.

Superhero cats? What?

There will come a soldier

This character is 20 years old.

ahem, to clarify... the idea of this character is 20 years old, if not more. he's based on my very first stuffed toy of a siamese cat, and he is the legendary hero of Catland.

His figure is half-mythical, however, he is based on a real historical cat, who played a huge role in establishing Catland as independent country by putting an end to constant attacks from dogs on its northern region. His strategic successes made him noticed by the Queen of Catland herself, who then proposed to marry him, and he agreed. As a king, it is said that he led and won countless battles.

One of the most popular boy names in Catland is a shorter version of his name.

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this is like my 6th time using markers and i should have waited for the opportunity to scan it but tonight i felt the need to immediately bring something at least moderately okay into the world

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